UK Threat Level

Rapid Security aims to help businesses, to improve security and prevent crime, by working with them to identify the problems and provide solutions.preventing business crime and reducing the ongoing cost of improved security.

Crime is a concern to all businesses and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to provide a secure environment at a reasonable cost.One of the most effective ways of fighting crime and ultimately reducing the financial impact is by working together in your local area. Rapid Security offers the opportunity to participate, to share information, and increase awareness of the issues and a way to keep everyone up to date with what is happening. It provides an easy route by which to report suspicious activity observed by Rapid staff and the potential to provide cost effective solutions on a shared basis.
Helping to prevent crime and improving security on a cost effective basis is an essential part of Rapid Security.

Our vehicles are all fully secured both internally and externally to ensure the safety of your keys and reduce the potential risk of them falling into the wrong hands. In addition, we will provide you with key receipts, incident reports and other management information to support your business.

Security and Reporting

Business Watch is a service providing shared security to a group of businesses that fall within a defined area such as a business parks, industrial estate or retail park. The Business Watch programme has been proved to significantly reduce crime such as car theft and burglary in the areas where it operates.