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Security Officers in London & Kent

Highly trained, SIA and fully Vetted security officers for your private security needs.

When you engage a Security Service to guard your premises overnight or to protect your staff at their work or for any of the multitude of services that the security industry offers you need to be able to feel confident that any Security Guard or Security Officer sent to you is completely honest, reliable and highly competent

Rapid Security Services UK Ltd is an SIA Approved Contractor. Every Security Guard we employ, and every Security Officer, has been the subject of rigorous background checks and is individually SIA Licensed. Integrity, reliability, and competence are all assured.Every community and business has reason to consider professional security officers. If you own a business, you are certainly aware of the monetary impact and damages of a burglary.

If you own a home and/or have children, the safety of your loved ones and possessions is of utmost importance. Whether you are considering additional security for your business or your community, trained security officers from Rapid Security Services will provide the safety and security you need. Our security guards are well trained and professional, and will carry out a variety of duties to ensure your security.

Rapid Security employs the top security officers across a country (UK). All of our security guards are fully licensed, quality and active duty personnel.

Our security guards are aware that you and your business’s security are paramount. With this in mind, they will carry out the most important security guard services. Access control, alarm response, mobile patrols, and gatehouse monitoring are all important security duties. Our security guards are also well trained for retail shopping centre security. In addition, our corporate security servicesare superb for office building & warehouse security , including high-rise office security.

With our security services, your most valuable assets will be safe all day, every day. Employees who work in your office building will have professional security to ensure their safety when they leave work on a dark night. Your retail shopping centre will have security officers making sure none of your stores experience a break-in. If you operate a gated community, our security officers will protect your homes against burglaries.

To enquire about Security Guards for your premises or event or any aspect of Site Security, Ring 013-2232-2022 NOW! Alternatively check out our ‘Contact Us’ Page