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Rapid Security offers Premise Security solutions that include/combine access control and video surveillance. Serving your security needs is our priority. Video surveillance-interior and exterior cameras-can help protect your personnel, your real property, and your inventory.

Our team will work with you to provide the right camera systems for your business or financial institution. We work alongside manufacturers and your company Representative(s) to ensure we identify and design the best solutions suited to you and your facility.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance methods are frequently adopted by enterprises of all sizes not only to improve security, but to enhance operational efficiency. With the latest in IP technology you can view your facility from anywhere with an Internet connection.
Digital recording technology provides unparalleled superiority over analogy technology in the important areas of performance, reliability, image resolution and overall feature-to-feature benefits.

Video/CCTV Benefits

  • Reduces crime and violence on your site
  • Provides a safe working environment and increases employee productivity
  • Provides peace of mind for employees and customers
  • Protects from unauthorized entry from intruders
  • Prevents damage to your property and vandalism
  • Reduces internal and external theft and deters robberies and break-ins
  • Monitors entry and exit for loading bays and other facility entrances
  • High quality images are captured to digital storage, and viewed over the network.
  • Reduces and resolves Workman’s Comp / Slip and fall issues
  • Reduces fraudulent liability claims and documents incidents
  • Provides proof of actual events
  • Verify Burglar alarms /minimize False Alarms

Features and Options:

  • Digital / Network Video recorders & servers
  • IP Network Systems
  • Wireless Mesh Technology
  • Interior /Exterior /Covert /Day-Night /Thermal /IP /All application of Cameras available
  • High- End Matrix Systems
  • Video intercom Systems
  • Security Consoles & Systems Enclosures

Rapid offers high performance coaxial cabling and connectors supporting CATV and CCTV applications. Our goal is to deliver excellent products and services with excellent customer service and a pledge to go beyond what is expected in response, availability and delivery.